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OffOn - Router Rebooter - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does it only work on 110v systems?
This kit uses a X-10 module as wireless switch, and they are not made for 220v networks. However, there is a quick fix for that. Just use a 220v to 110v adapter and plug the switch on it. That solves the problem.

Can I purchase only the software from you?
Yes, send us a note using the Contact Us page.

Can OffOn reboot my router only if it gets stuck?
There is a simple script (included on the kit) that checks if your router is working, if not, it activates the OffOn. You need to setup a Schedule Task to define how often you want the script to run. On the CD you will find instructions on how to setup a schedule task.

What if I want to reboot my router every day at 3:00am?
No problem. Just create a Scheduled Task to call OffOn to do the job.

I have X-10 modules in my house, and I use the TURN ALL OFF feature frequently. Will that turn off my router?
This is the main reason we sell a transceiver just to be used on your router. You can setup the transceiver to use a different HOUSE CODE from your house.

Can I use offon software to remotely control other X-10 modules?
Yes, even though offon was created to turn off and after 10 seconds turn on the same device, it also has a COMMAND LINE feature, which can be used to control any X-10 appliance. Combined with your own application or webserver it becomes a powerful tool.
To turn off or on any X-10 module via command line, just call: offon A5on - it will turn on the device A-5

My computer does not have a RS-232 port. There is any way around that?
You can install one serial port on any USB port using USB-to-Serial adapters. You can find them easily everywhere.

How can I activate OffOn remotely if my router is stuck?
Sometimes the router does not get stuck, but slow. You can connect to your PC running Windows Remote Desktop and activate the OffOn program to reboot the router. To avoid your router to get completelly stuck, we recomend you to setup a schedule task to run our Connection Test every 15 or 10 minutes, or/and reboot your router every day to avoid overload.

Can I call OffOn from my own application?
Yes, OffOn is just a small Windows application. You can call it from any other application or directly from a coomand line.

What if I have a question where can I get help?
Feel free to contact us using this page: Contact Us

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