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OffOn - Router Rebooter - The perfect solution for routers' problems.

The Problem:

Most of us use non-professional routers at home connected to our High-Speed Internet.

After a while, depending on the traffic, the router seems to become slower, and sometimes even stuck.

When we are around, there is a quick fix: just turn the router off for 10 seconds and turn it on again.

But what if we are not around? What if the router stops when we are on the middle of a business trip?


Tired of having this problem with all types of routers that I could try, I decided to build an unexpensive solution which I've been using since 2007 without any problem. I call it Off-On Kit.


  • Router needs to be 110v.
  • You need a Windows PC on your network with an available serial port (DB-9).
  • Windows can be: XP, 2000, 2003, or Vista.
  • .net Framework 2.0 installed

    What is and how much cost the Off-On Kit

  • RS-232 (DB-9) transmitter to plug in your PC.
  • Wireless remote-controlled switch where you will plug your router in.
  • OffOn software CD - containing the installer and the manual.

    Everything, including shipping and handling to anywhere in US for only $99.00 $59.00

    You can use offon to control any X-10 module via Windows Command Line

  • You can use offon combined with your webserver and/or your own application
  • Via siple Windows command line you can turn on/off any X-10 module.
  • exemple: offon A3off (turns off the device A-3)

    Additional Information

  • How to install and use this kit

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Where to buy the kit

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